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Product Review and Consultation

Each client and collection is unique. We start by taking the time to learn about your process, your product, and your goals. We share insight on how we can support your next steps and offer advice based on our years of experience. This also gives a chance to answer some of your questions and discuss our services in detail with you. A one-hour consultation is also available to you for a more in-depth critique and review of your goals, budgets, and timeline. In Style is here to answer your questions and provide genuine advice that will support your vision. 

Prodct Review
Pattern Making
Pattern Making

This is where the magic happens! Think of the pattern as the blueprint for your garment. Once a technical sketch and tech pack have been put together our master patternmakers begin shaping the garment. The skill of the patternmaker establishes the garment's balance, structure, and most importantly fit. Any item from a tank top to a wedding gown starts with a pattern. Our 30+ years of experience creating tens of thousands of patterns is at work when we develop yours.

Sample Making

Your sample is the first garment made from your new pattern. This is the piece that brings your concept to life and where you get to refine and perfect your vision in a way best suitable for you! Our tailors and sample makers work closely with the creative team and the patternmakers to create the best iteration of your design. Skilled in many areas of fabric qualities and finishings they elevate your design to a finished garment that exceeds your expectations.

Before one can start with the production of garments, it is recommended for samples to be produced. Samples are the first step in order to help turn your ideas into finished products! This process will reduce the probability of errors in mass production. During sample production, with the help of trial and error, our team can assure your garments can be in top-notch shape!

Sampe Making
Garment Fitting

Whether you come to us with an existing garment or have created your first sample with us we take the time to fit and perfect each garment. A fitting session can take 15 to 45 minutes. In that time a very critical evaluation of the seams, fit, and look of the garment is made. Recording all notes and corrections during the fittings so that the next steps can be executed accurately.

Product Development

Many times the concept for a brand or a key item is what launches a new collection. Our team is able to work alongside that vision to support merchandising, additional iterations, sizing, and designs. Product development takes the ideas and puts them into action with sketches, flat drawings, tech packs, market research, mood boards, and sourcing. 

Fabric and Trim Sourcing

Fabric is instrumental in establishing your product's look, feel, price point, and finishing. We can work closely with our clients to source what they are looking for or we can take on that role and manage the process. Our team is always working domestically and internationally to find the right quality fabrics.

More than the right button or zipper, each garment is made with a variety of fusible, linings, facings, labels, and tags. This can be exhausting and very time-consuming. In Style is able to source, recommend and manage those materials for your project.

Garmet Fitting
Product Develoment
Fabric and Trim Sourcing

Our team offers packaging for all your needs. Our job is to make this process as trouble-free as we can for you! In order to best cater to your needs, we can try to guide you through this process to allow you to decide which type of packaging you would prefer and value the most. Packaging upon request can be done with your order and can include, but is not limited to:

  • Hand and Size Tags

  • Size Labels

  • Button Bags

  • Poly Bags & Mailers

We are open to your specific needs and can cater to specific requests for packaging. Some specifications that may interest you can include: Sustainable/ Eco- Friendly Packaging, use of poly bags, etc. 

Production Management

Delivery dates, third-party vendors, tags, labels, packaging, shipping, the final rush to get products out to your customers is a daunting task. In Style over the years have learned from the best and supported many of our customers in setting up best practices. Managing timelines saving costs, and shipping on time are key aspects of what we do daily. 

Our Production Manager, Pauline Lock, and her team can assist you throughout the production process in order to turn your ideas into a reality! Our team is here to help you throughout all parts of the production process, from start to finish. From designing and sketching to packaging, we are here to fulfill all your production needs. Any services we are not able to fulfill for you in-house can be sourced by a third party of our rigorous network if you are interested in that as well! With our expertise, once your garment is finished, it can be finalized for a product review in order to make sure everything is complete! The product review allows for each and every item to be in the best shape, and our team looks at every item diligently!


A quick step overview of the production process that we can aid you with can include:

  1. Consultations

  2. Product Development 

  3. Fabric & Trim Sourcing

  4. Pattern Creation

  5. Sample Production

  6. Sample/ Garment Fittings

  7. Cutting

  8. Mass Production

  9. Sewing

  10. Packaging

  11. Product review

Production Management
Design and Branding
Design & Branding

Over two decades of offering the highest quality in development and manufacturing have opened us to the very long list and at times daunting tasks that our clients have to get through as they start their business. We have learned that key areas in brand development, graphic design, web design, brand messaging, and merchandising are key to their success. We have team members who can help guide you through these key areas. Specialists who work to build and execute your vision.


A key aspect to executing the finest finishing on any garment is the machinery utilized for the job. Whether working on the finest silks or tech performance fibers InStyle USA has a wide range of advanced sewing machines and machinery for your garments seams and hems. Our knowledgeable team will help determine what the best options are and guide you through the process.

Sewing and Hand Sewing

InStyle USA has developed a unique system that can accommodate both large industrial production and bespoke limited-run production. Working with many of the same tailors and sewers for decades their expertise and skill set are optimized to streamline and manage production from samples to bulk orders in the most efficient way possible. Whether a one-of-a-kind showpiece or 500 piece bulk order, the quality, and sewing of each item are the best.

Many finishes and details take years of practice to perfect. Our team of QC and hand sewers are some of the best in NYC if not the USA. Their skill and attention to detail is not lost on the pieces produced by In Style. It magnifies the craftsmanship and quality with which each piece is made.

Sewing and Hand Sewing
Resource Guidance
Resource Guidance

InStyle USA is here to become an extension of your team. We understand that starting a new design includes sourcing the right materials from fabrics to tags. With a long list of trusted and tested suppliers, our network of resources is the best in the industry. Pointing clients in the right direction have always been part of getting the best products made at In Style. Clients in need of more support are able to retain these services as well. Managing various vendors, creating flat sketches, building tech packs, and ordering materials to streamline your time and productivity. 

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