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Project Submission Checklist

To facilitate the accurate processing of your order and to ensure a seamless collaboration, we need to review the details of your project. We’ve created a comprehensive checklist to assist you in organizing this information effectively. Please refer to the checklist below to gather and submit the necessary project details, ensuring a thorough understanding of your requirements and a precise quote tailored to your needs. 

Product Development

✓ Completed Tech Pack

  • We require a complete tech pack with all construction details, points of measure, flat sketch, resourced fabric and trims.

  • You will also need to provide a pattern that is graded and has markers for size.

Material Sourcing

✓ Resourcing Fabric and Trims 

  • We require a sample for costing and production reference.

  • All material sourcing needs to be complete. You will supply all materials needed to complete the project, including  fabric, trims, labels, packaging materials, and finishing.

  • We offer support for sourcing fabric and trim. 

Cutting and Embellishments

✓ This is not an in-house service we offer. You are responsible for coordinating materials, executing, and delivery.


✓ What is the expected completion date for your project? We will do our best to accommodate your turnaround deadlines.


✓ We require a 50% deposit when placing your order and 50% payment upon completion. 

✓ We accept checks, cash, ACH Payments, and wire transfers. Credit card payments will  incur a 4% surcharge.

Ready to continue with your project? 

Send us your order details! You can email us with your design files or complete our order intake form

What if I don’t have completed project details?

We offer professional consultation services with a dedicated team of design partners, available on a fee basis. We're happy to advise and connect you with our team of freelancing experts.

If any of the order details outlined in the checklist are missing or if you require assistance, we encourage you to schedule a consultation with our experienced design professionals. We’re here to provide support and offer guidance to ensure your project is a success.

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